Alternative Voting Methods Pilot Project

The Utah legislature introduced the Municipal Alternative Voting Methods Pilot Project, permitting municipalities to implement instant runoff voting, also known as “ranked choice voting”.

Payson and Vineyard use Instant Runoff Voting

Cities are allowed to opt in to Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) yearly, two cities chose to use IRV introducing the method to voters in the state.

Utah Approves is Established

Utah Approves was started to educate and bring approval voting to the state.

23 Cities Use Instant Runoff Voting

IRV becomes more well-known and utilized as a test for cities but many were unhappy with the experience.

First Approval Voting Bill introduced to the Legislature

Approval Voting is introduced to legislature as a simpler, more cost-effective, and secure alternative voting method.

All 29 County Clerks Support Approval as Best Alternative

Due to the complexity of administering IRV and the simplicity of approval voting, all 29 county clerks indicated support for approval voting as the best alternative voting method.

3 Cities Sign Letters to Legislature supporting Approval as an Option

Provo, North Ogden, and Huntsville sign letters to the legislature requesting them to provide approval voting as an option for municipal races.

Less Cities Expected to Use IRV, Utah Approves Expands

Due to unhappiness with 2021 experience, only 12 cities are using IRV in 2023.